Red Chestnut

Red Chestnut is for people who feel fear for the well-being of others: the husband afraid when his wife goes out alone after dark; the mother fretting over what may happen to her child at school. Red Chestnut fears are natural, normal concerns magnified to the point where they have a negative effect on the people who are the object of concern, undermining their confidence and self-belief.

When we are in this state the remedy helps us send out calm, unworried thoughts to our loved ones, so that instead of making everyone anxious we are rocks on whom others lean.

One sign that this remedy may be overaggressiveness by a dam towards anyone who tries to get near her foal. This is a natural response, but when the concern is exaggerated try Red Chestnut to restore a sense of proportion. (Chicory could also be helpful)

Things to look for:

  • A mare who displays fear or fear aggression when anyone approaches her foal
  • Horses who become especially anxious when their foal or pair bond -or you- is out of sight
  • Horses who look out anxiously for the return of their pair-bond or human cares

Red Chestnut.jpg“For those who find it difficult not to be anxious for other people. Often they have ceased to worry about themselves, but for those of whom they are fond they may suffer much, frequently anticipating that some unfortunate thing may happen to them.” Dr. Edward Bach ~