Pine is given to those who feel guilt about things done or left undone. Even if they have not commited any wrong action thy will take the blame, sometimes excusing the treu guilty party in the process.

it’s easy to give Pine to horses in error. If your horse has done something ‘wrong’ such as escaping from his field you may get angry. The horse may lower his head towards the ground to show submission and appease your anger. You think he is ‘looking guilty’ and select Pine, but the horse may not think he has done anything wrong at all, and if he doesn’t then Pine will do nothing for him. A genuine Pine state can be hard to spot in animals as generally morose and edgy behaviour may be the only evidence you have. You will have to rely on some intelligent guesswork based on your own instincts and a careful assesment of the situation.

Things to look for:

  • Submissive behaviour when the horse has done something ‘wrong’, or when something has gone wrong generally – but examine your own behaviour first, and consider other remedies instead of Pine

Pine“For those who blame themselves. Even when successful they think that they could have done better, and are never content with their efforts or the results. They are hard-working and suffer much from the faults they attach to themselves. Sometimes if there is any mistake it is due to another, but they will claim responsibility even for that.” Dr. Edward Bach ~