Hornbeam is used against feelings of exhaustion and tiredness that come before an effort has been made. The person in this state feels weary when he looks forward at the demands of the day. It’s easier to stay in bed or put off making a start, or find other things to do – but if an effort can be made to get started the weariness will fade, a sign that unlike the Olive state this tiredness is wholly ‘in the mind’ and can’t be traced to actual events in the real world.

A horse with Hornbeam deficiency does not feel like doing anything fruitful at all. Not even in working, walking or doing his job. Yes, they are enthusiastic but when there are tasks to be done they are tired and lethargic before they have even started. It’s called, and better-known as “Monday morning feeling” and is not because of unwillingness or affectation. They really do feel exhausted and has to do with the disturbance of the energy system.

Hornbeam’s essence is to help getting into balance again and bring back the fresh energie to get you back on track. Work or tasks will improve and it makes more vivid and restores the normal life joy and fun in everyday things. Of course your human input is at the benefit as well and quite simple. Just a change in daily routine or adding something new during training can be that extra help they need to bring them back in their balance.

Things to look for:

  • Tiredness that seems to wear off as the day goes on
  • Horses who are reluctant to exercise but full of energy once they begin
  • Reluctance to begin an everyday activity – for example, horses who sniff at their food, and go away and return several times before starting to eat

Hornbeam-800x450“For those who feel that they have not sufficient strength, mentally or physically, to carry the burden of life placed upon them; the affairs of every day seem too much for them to accomplish, though they generally succeed in fulfilling their task. For those who believe that some part, of mind or body, needs to be strengthened before they can easily fulfil their work.” Dr. Edward Bach ~