Bach Rescue & Fireworks

Animals have emotions too. They feel fear, anger, jealousy, depression, happiness and joy just like us. Bach remedies are often given to animals, and in recent years their value has been recognised by an increasing number of vets and animal behaviourists. As they deal with emotional states like fear and shock, they are ideal for helping keep pets calm during the clamour of firework night. Fear is the most obvious emotion pets experience at this noisy time of year.

The most often used remedy for animals – especially on firework night – is the crisis formula developed by Dr Bach in the 1930s. Best-known under the brand name Rescue® Remedy, Dr Bach selected its five ingredients to help people – and animals – cope in emergencies. The ingredients include Rock Rose, Star of bethlehem, Cherry PlumImpatiens & Clematis which effects you can read by clicking on the link.

The simplest way to give remedies to animals is to put them in drinking water. four drops of the crisis formula. Add further drops whenever you top up the water. You can also put the drops onto their food or a small treat, and offer this at least four times a day.



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