July ’16 I contacted Annemarie about my horse  Chuck. Chuck is a special horse, brave onchuck one hand but anxious and insecure on the other. Chuck is sensitive to stress which effects his health. Just too thin or just not completely fit. This has taught me what he needs. For example regularity and structure are very important for him. But one thing that keeps coming back are his periods of stress when his neighbour isn’t their next to him in his stable. While the other horses are, Chuck only notice the absense of the horse next to him. He walks around in his stable, bucks, scream. In July he had this again, so badly that he was all sweated. Even during the day when I take him out the paddock to a spot where I can brush him and he cannot see other horses, he becomes nervous. As long as I stay with him it won’t get any worse, but once I walk away he starts to panics and rears. Furthermore he doesn’t give his all at a show. He’s destracted, tense and busy with looking for familiar horses for support. The haltershows are okay but riding gives more tense. In my opinion he’s more brave with me by his side and depend on me.

I was advised to try Bach Flower Remedies and knew Annemarie works with this healing system. First I asked her for a reading, to connect with my horse, and it appeared Chuck had lost his trust that other horses would still be there when he get back from training or show, like abandonment anxiety, and that he misses a buddy. I do know that Chuck spend a long time with his brother before he was sold by his first owner and from there he moved a lot. She sold him to me so he would get one on one attention instead of sharing with six other horses. In first I was kind of sceptic about a reading but Annemarie told me some things I know are true while she doesn’t know his background.

In the meantime some months have passes. When we just started with Bach Flower therapy Chuck had relapses. He was insecure and scary. Afraid to ride at the end of the field. So I adapted his training. After some time I could brush him without him getting stressed when he couldn’t see other horses. Also he became more calm and relaxed in his stable.

During a trainingweekend he was less focused on other horses. He even stood alone and quiet in his stable, without other horses. In the past he would have destroyed the place.
For the last few months Chuck has been given some of the same flower remedies and some changed over time. At the moment it went a bit down, one day he is more relaxed then the next. But in general I’m very pleased about the positive changes and curious about how it will go from hereon.

Ilona ~

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