A year ago we moved with our 15 year old gelding to another stable. Because we worried about his mental and physical health, I asked Annemarie for a combination reading and healing. We found this very exciting and when I received Annemarie’s report I recognized everything.  I was in tears, so accurately she was in describing our paint. A quiet kindhearted and spiritual friend, a wise soul who is also very sober. The way he’s telling me that I’m the one carry stress is now very clear to me. If I want to do some work with him he often stands very close to me and I thought he just liked that position. But now it appears that he is focused on my Solar Plexus to indicate that I was allowed to relax. He indicated where he had physical limitations and everything Annemarie told us was correct. With this confirmation to many of our questions we can continue our work together without me worrying so much. He reassured us and gave us a glimpse into his mental world. All questions have been answered and it brought us peace. I’m even more able to communicate with him myself, even if it’s in my human language. And eversince the reading I feel that we understand each other much better, more connected. Our bond feels even stronger. I am grateful to Annemarie and our gelding that they were open to each other and that such a wonderful communication could be established.

Love, Rita


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